CNN to Expand CNNMoney Brand Internationally

By Mark Joyella 

CNN announced Monday it would expand its CNNMoney brand internationally, across both television and digital, with plans to hire additional staff in London, Dubai, New Delhi and Hong Kong.

“By uniting our portfolio of U.S. and international business reporting under the CNNMoney brand, we now offer an even more compelling product to globally-minded consumers hungry for a smart, accessible business and financial news experience – everywhere in the world,” said CNN International senior vice president and general manager Mike McCarthy in a statement.

CNN business anchor Richard Quest will take on the title of editor at large for CNNMoney, and several existing CNN business shows will take on CNNMoney branding, including CNNMoney View with Nina dos Santos, CNNMoney with Maggie Lake, and Quest’s show, Quest Means Business.

Other staffing announcements include:

John Defterios, emerging markets editor based in Abu Dhabi; Andrew Stevens, Asia Pacific editor based in Hong Kong; Eleni Giokos, Africa business correspondent based in Johannesburg; and Samuel Burke, CNNMoney business correspondent based in New York. The multi-platform editorial teams will be led by Penny Manis, director of global business news programming based in New York, and Mark Thompson, international managing editor of CNNMoney who is based in London.