CNN Says ‘It’s Smart’ to Solicit Interview Questions From One Political Party About Another Party’s Candidate

By Chris Ariens 

CNN is defending itself against accusations it sought questions from the Democratic National Committee, about interviews with two Republican candidates for presidents.

The emails, revealed by WikiLeaks, show a communication between members of the DNC seeking feedback on questions about interviews last April with Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. In this email, with the subject line Cruz on CNN, DNC research director Lauren Dillon emailed her colleagues that “CNN is looking for questions,” about an upcoming interview with Ted Cruz. A second email, from a few days earlier, lists several proposed questions for a Wolf Blitzer interview with Donald Trump.



“This is completely unremarkable,” a CNN spokesperson says in a statement to TVNewser. “We have similar communications with Republicans. When preparing for interviews we are regularly sent suggestions from rival campaigns and political parties, both solicited and unsolicited. Casting a wide net to ensure a tough and fair interview isn’t just common media practice, it’s smart.”