CNN Says It Didn’t Walk Back Comment About Kellyanne Conway’s Credibility

By Chris Ariens 

At today’s White House briefing Yahoo’s Hunter Walker asked Press Secretary Sean Spicer about CNN deciding not to book Kellyanne Conway on Sunday “because of questions about her credibility.

The “credibility” comment first came up in a column by the New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg who reported that the network told him there were “serious questions about her credibility,” following Conway’s “Bowling Green massacre” comment last week.

Spicer responded by saying, “my understanding is that they walked that back or denied it, but Kellyanne is a very trusted aide. If they choose not to work with someone that’s up to them, but we’re going to continue to put out key leaders like Kellyanne that can articulate the president’s agenda.”

We contacted CNN to determine if they indeed walked back those comments. CNN responded in this tweet.

All that said, Conway will still be a guest on CNN’s The Lead today at 4 p.m. ET.