CNN: Roger Stone ‘Will No Longer Appear’ on Network

By Mark Joyella 

You’ve seen the last of Roger Stone on CNN. The network has announced that Stone, a former adviser to Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has been banned. “He will no longer appear on CNN,” a network spokesperson said in a statement.

The decision comes after Media Matters on Monday highlighted a series of profane, sexist and racist tweets targeting current and former CNN contributors, including Ana Navarro and Roland Martin:

CNN has been rewarding Republican strategist Roger Stone with numerous appearances despite a series of sexist and racial smears he’s made on Twitter against some of the network’s commentators. Stone labeled one CNN commentator an “Entitled Diva Bitch” and imagined her “killing herself,” and he called a then-CNN personality a “stupid negro” and a “fat negro.”


Stone directed another insult at Navarro just last night:

Following CNN’s announcement, Stone accused CNN of censorship, saying it “seems the Clintons have ordered CNN not to interview me in the future because I am not PC.”

Roland Martin meanwhile has called on other networks to ban Stone: