CNN Reporter Describes Multiple Explosions During Overnight Raid

By Chris Ariens 

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Around 1:30 am ET, CNN’s Atika Shubert was reporting from the Paris suburb of Saint Denis where police were conducting an overnight raid tied to Friday’s terror attacks.

“I counted down the explosions, there were maybe six or seven in total,” Shubert said. “It was very fluid, very fast-moving. At the time you could see the police were very tense, especially the guys with the masks, the balaclavas. They were looking almost angry as they were moving through the crowd of journalists.”

The 7-hour operation ended with two people dead, including a female suicide bomber. Seven others were taken into custody.

“I saw the scene, so I said to CNN control room: ‘Come to us live.’ I was then describing on air what these police were doing, including one of them showing a picture to the other officers. As I was doing that we heard explosions go off, so I talked to the camera as we were live,” Shubert said later.