CNN Quiz Show Returns Monday, With 70s Theme

By Mark Joyella 

As we told you last month, when Don Lemon was caught in his dressing room by Ashleigh Banfield mid-Periscope, CNN is bringing back the CNN Quiz Show. Airing Monday, the second edition of the newsy game show focuses on the 1970’s.

Host Anderson Cooper is back, but the teams have changed. This time, John Berman–who rocked presidential trivia the first time out–is paired with Don Lemon, who did not.

New contestant Bill Weir teams up with returning player Alisyn Camerota. The third pair, Richard Quest and Brooke Baldwin are both new to the game show.

The timing of the 70’s-themed show is no accident, coinciding with CNN’s June 11 premiere of CNN’s original series The Seventies.