CNN Off Israeli Cable System

By Chris Ariens 

Breaking: A cable insider tells TVNewser HOT (the largest cable operator in Israel) took CNN off the air from both their digital and analog platforms at 11:30am local time (5:30amET) this morning. It was replaced with FOX News Channel.


>More: Earlier reports had indicated HOT would replace CNN with Al Jazeera English. The Cox News Service and The Jerusalem Post reported last week that the dropping of CNN is due to “financial considerations.”

>More, More: FNC was already on HOT’s digital platform, but is now on analog in CNN’s former spot. An insider tells me this widens FNC’s distribution in the region to about 200,000 subscribers.

>Update: A statement from a CNN spokesperson:

“We are disappointed that HOT took this course of action. Out of respect for the Knesset and the overwhelming support of the Israeli public, Turner had agreed to extend the CNN contract with HOT for 10 days in order negotiate a mutually beneficial agreement.

Late last night, HOT issued an ultimatum to Turner and demanded a 30% reduction immediately and said it did not wish to honor the 10 day extension requested by the Knesset. Turner said it could not accept such an ultimatum.

CNN will continue to be widely available in Israel via YES the satellite platform.”