CNN NY Bureau Chief Says Au Revoir; “There Is Less Of A Need” For Her Role

By Brian 

Karen Curry, who served as CNN’s NY bureau chief for six years, is leaving the network. She said goodbye in a message to staffers on Friday afternoon. “From the tone of her note, it doesn’t sound like it was her decision,” a CNN insider says. “This is a crying shame…she’s a very good executive and a wonderful leader that really knows how to inspire the troops.” Here is Curry’s e-mail to staff:

“There come various times in one’s life when change occurs and one of those times for me is now. Since coming to CNN in 1999 as Vice President and New York Bureau Chief, I have worked with a wonderful group of people and seen through a tremendous number of projects.”

“In the ‘old’ days of 1999, I functioned as the lead executive in New York for CNN, but now, with hours of prime time originating in New York and the top executive structure of the network here, there is less of a need for that former role.”

“Given that, I will say au revoir to all of you and thank you for your friendship both professional and personal. I wish Jon and Ken all the best in steering this ship and much continued success to all at CNN.”