CNN Looking to air ‘Political Jeopardy!’ … and Other News From Hacked Sony Emails

By Brian Flood 

FrancoRogenRacially-charged emails regarding Barack Obama, criticism of mega-stars, including Angelina Jolie and Adam Sandler, and private financial documents have already been revealed as a result of the Sony Pictures hack. Now the drama is impacting the news media… and we’re not just talking about CNN possibly getting into game shows.

Academy and Emmy-award winning writer Aaron Sorkin went on the “Today” show this morning to discuss his New York Times op-ed criticizing the media for reporting on the leaks.

It’s ironic, because Sorkin’s op-ed will get anyone up-to-speed on all the leaked data, even if they’ve been living under a rock since the story broke. Now Gawker has taken it a step further, leaking the scene from “The Interview,” in which Kim Jong-un is assassinated. Gawker’s Heather Dietrick, says the less than :30 clip is “squarely protected by the First Amendment.”

Over on “Good Morning America” this morning Seth Rogen and James Franco talked about the controversial film. Both star in “The Interview.” Rogen is also co-director and has a story credit. They say the movie satirizes American culture and the news media just as much as it does North Korea’s leadership.

One of the leaked emails, picked up on by RadarOnline, shows CNN’s Jeff Zucker was interested in bringing a political version of Sony-produced “Jeopardy!” to CNN. Sony Pictures Television Distribution president John Weiser sent the following email to his boss, Steve Mosko just a month ago.

Steve I met with Zucker this week and he asked if we would consider doing political jeopardy show for cnn. I’m guessing it’s a non starter but wanted to ask you how to respond to him.

A CNN insider tells TVNewser, the network “is always batting around ideas, and this is one of many. And it’s a great one.”

Check out GMA’s interview with Franco and Rogen below: