CNN Last With D.C. Evacuation News

By Brian 

Fox News Channel and MSNBC both broke the news of the D.C. evacuations before CNN, between 12:05 and 12:07pm. “Wolf was on the air reporting about health care while Fox was on the WH evacuation,” an e-mailer says.

> “The reporters who cover the WH, down in the basement, found out about the evacuation from Major Garrett at FOX News Channel,” a tipster says.

> On CNN, Miles O’Brien appeared from Atlanta during the noon hour, pulling up photos of Cessna’s and discussing aviation procedures.

> “MSNBC’s coverage was exceptional,” an e-mailer says. “They had the first live pictures from the scene… their White House camera position on the North Lawn was active and you could see people running across the lawn to get out of the area.”

> An e-mailer says: “Oh golly, this small plane false alarm is like cable news porn — they get to talk about ‘intercepts,’ ‘precaution,’ ‘intelligence,’ ‘restricted airspace,’ ‘procedures,’ ‘chain of command;’ rerun footage of people looking not-really-panicked-at-all as they leave the White House; make solemn intonations…Will anyone take the extra step and go on to talk about Capitol Hill proposals to allow small planes to return to Reagan National Airport, and how this may not be such a good idea after all?”

> Former CNN vet Bernard Shaw phoned into the network during the noon hour, because he lived in the area the aircraft flew over, What’s Happening at CNN says.

> Update: 2:41pm: “CNN makes a huge statement about their DC news reporting plans and on the very same day, they are humiliated as FNC beats them on a major breaking news story in DC,” an e-mailer says.