CNN Keeps D.C. Correspondents Mostly The Same

By Chris Ariens 

When a new presidential administration takes over, TV networks typically change up reporter roles covering certain beats. But with CNN’s announcement of its D.C. correspondent corps today, not much will be changing.

Jim Acosta and Jeff Zeleny will continue to serve as CNN’s Senior White House correspondents and will be joined by Athena Jones and Sara Murray. Jeremy Diamond, Stephen Collinson and Kate Bennett will also cover the White House. One change, Michelle Kosinski will move from the White House and join Elise Labott at the State Department. Congress will continue to be covered by Senior Congressional reporter Manu Raju as well as correspondents Phil Mattingly and Sunlen Serfaty. Jim Sciutto continues as chief national security correspondent and Barbara Starr continues at the Pentagon joined by reporter Ryan Browne.

Pamela Brown continues to cover the Supreme Court and Evan Perez remains justice correspondent. Rene Marsh continues as aviation and government regulation correspondent. MJ Lee will moves from national political reporter to covering the health care beat.

Maeve Reston will be national political reporter, Nia-Malika Henderson continues as a senior political reporter and Jamie Gangel continues as a special correspondent.

Senior Washington correspondent Joe Johns, national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, correspondent Tom Foreman, correspondent Ryan Nobles and Situation Room correspondent Brian Todd continue in their roles.

Dana Bash remains chief political correspondent, Gloria Borger continues as chief political analyst, and David Chalian continues as political director. Mark Preston moves from executive editor of CNN Politics to senior political analyst. The former CNN political director has been with the network since 2005.