Free Video Attracts Advertisers

By Brian 

Here is the press release about the free video launch. “We know seeing rather than being told what happened is an important piece of the online news experience for internet users,” David Payne, SVP of CNN News Services, says. “Our new free video offerings address this interest with high quality videos that are both relevant and interesting and which are presented in an easy-to-use format. No one will need an operating manual to experience the richness and depth of our new free offerings.”

> MediaWeek reports: “Chase Bank and General Motors Corp. have signed up to sponsor’s free video…Both Chase and GM’s Cadillac have signed up for multimedia packages, including 30-second spots, which will run prior to online video content along with promotional spots on all CNN Networks, plus various banner placements throughout”

> Greg D’Alba Says CNN is “in discussions with over 60 advertisers” about opportunities…