Film Critic Dead At 53

By Brian 

On, Todd Leopold remembers a friend:

“As a critic, Paul Clinton was fond of using the word “perfect” in his reviews. As his editor, I was just as fond of taking it out.

In our regular phone calls, we would joke about that. “I see you took out my favorite line,” he would tell me. And I’d say, well, I just wanted to get more detail in. “Perfect” could be so absolute. Nothing’s perfect, right?

But there was something perfect: Paul, to his credit, was a perfect gentleman about my tinkering.

Paul Clinton,’s longtime movie critic, died Monday morning at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. He was 53. The cause of death, according to his nephew, Joe Egan, was natural causes, though Clinton, a smoker most of his life, had struggled with respiratory ailments over the previous couple of years…”

Here is the full obit…