CNN Airs Live Firefight Between ISIS Militants and Kurdish Fighters

By Chris Ariens 

ISISCNNAround 11:24amET, CNN began carrying live images from the Syria-Turkey border showing what’s believed to be ISIS militants in a firefight with Kurdish fighters.

“These fighters have been on that ridge line for the better part of the afternoon, trading small arms fire with their Kurdish opponents on an opposing ridge line,” said correspondent Phil Black on the Turkish side of the border. “It appears they have been driven back slightly,” Black said of the ISIS fighters.

“They’ve just taken casualties at the top of that hill,” said Black, “that information from CNN photojournalist Claudia Otto, operating the camera.”


At one point you could hear cheering from Black’s camera location, which is made up of onlookers, mostly Turkish kurds and Syrian refugees.

CNN continues with the live images as of this writing…