CNBC’s Cramer Expects Fox Biz This Year

By Brian 

CNBC host Jim Cramer expects some competition in 2006. In his New York magazine column, the “Mad Money” man predicts: Rupert Murdoch “will also give a joyful Roger Ailes the staff he needs to set up a full-blown TV-business-network competitor to CNBC.”

E&P notes that Cramer also expects Murdoch to buy the Wall Street Journal from Dow Jones.

> Jan. 2: A commenter predicts that Cramer will jump to the Fox Business Channel this year…

> Update: 11:17pm: “Cramer’s contract doesn’t expire until 2007, so don’t see him jumping to Fox this year,” a tipster says. “Also, if you read his first book…Cramer had a big falling out with Ailes after Cramer ditched his old show on Fox News on weekend, and then started making appearances on CNBC. Bad move on Cramer’s part considering the subsequent success of Fox. I don’t think Ailes would take him back.”