CNBC Turns 30

By A.J. Katz 

Today’s a big one over at CNBC. The financial business news network is celebrating its 30th birthday.

Earlier today, the team over at Squawk on the Street took a look back at the network’s growth over the years.

Jim Cramer recalls watching CNBC in his dorm room at law school when it first launched, while Carl Quintanilla and David Faber rattled off some of the most prominent figures who were there in the early days.


The producers showed footage of the anchors side-by-side, today versus how they looked reporting on air decades ago.

The Quintanilla comparison was especially striking.

Here’s David Faber:

And of course, Jim Cramer:

Rick Santelli looks basically the same:

Former NBC president Bob Wright in 1989 announced the launch of CNBC, also known as the “Consumer News and Business Channel.”

“We won’t be a rip-and-read news service passing along someone else’s impression of the news, and we won’t drown you in a mass of meaningless statistics and numbers,” Wright stated in his announcement video. “In short: We won’t tell you anything without telling you what it means to you, how it effects your life and your money …”