CNBC Stars Play Prominent Role in 20th Century Fox’s ‘Wall Street 2’

By Alex Weprin 

While certain executives at News Corp. may not agree, it is obvious that at the moment, the top business news channel on Wall Street is CNBC.

With that in mind director Oliver Stone prominently features the network’s anchors prominently in the upcoming sequel to his 1987 film “Wall Street.” This despite the fact that the film is produced by the 20th Century Fox film studio, a sister company to Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

Per‘s Jon Friedman:

And no actual journalists shine brighter in the new 20th Century Fox production than Maria Bartiromo and her CNBC posse. If you watch the network during the day, you’ll recognize the likes of Bartiromo, Jim Cramer, David Faber, Becky Quick, Sue Herera and Melissa Lee.

The network’s stars appear on camera so often that this film is practically a product placement for CNBC.

Indeed, Friedman notes that early on in the film, Bartiromo appears in a scene where she interviews Michael Douglas’ character from the film, Gordon Gekko.

Obviously, films often try to add a sense of realism to their world. In that regard, including CNBC makes perfect sense, seeing as it is the top business channel right now.

On the other hand, would including Fox Business Network, Bloomberg or even some fictitious business channel really take away from the film?

Likewise, while news anchors often appear in films playing themselves, does it hurt their credibility off of the big screen?

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