CNBC Spokesperson Says Fox Is Repeating “Its Usual Lies & Propaganda”

By Brian 

“We don’t get up every morning thinking business is bad,” Roger Ailes said earlier this month as he promoted the new Fox Business Channel. The AP’s David Bauder writes:

“Substitute ‘America’ for ‘business’ in that quote and you’d swear it was 1996 again, and Ailes was needling CNN. The tactic worked for Fox News Channel. Worked brilliantly…”

But back then, CNN didn’t punch back. CNBC seems to have learned the lesson. Here’s how spokesperson Kevin Goldman responds to the criticism:

“It doesn’t surprise me that our alleged competition is already starting with its usual lies and propaganda.”

> Also: Jeff Zucker is quoted: “When you don’t have a product, it’s easy to throw darts. We’re not concerned at all.”