CNBC Keeps Banging The Gong

By Brian 

“CNBC is fast becoming IMO the “cheerleader” of Wall Street,” a frequent viewer writes to TVNewser. “They have some quality analysts but their producers should have the network conduct more analysis and less cheerleading about generally-meaningless numbers and milestones. The Dow may be high, but other indicators (ie, bonds) are horrible right now – not to mention, even a few of their Wall Street guests have shrugged off “Dow 12K” as a non-issue for their firms.

I mean, from red text flashing at the bottom of the screen to orange-colored flip-graphics on the top of the screen, let’s look at how sensational this network has become as of late:

It was “breaking news” as the Dow approached 12K last week.

It was “breaking news” when we hit Dow 12K last week.

Now it’s “breaking news” that there’s a new intraday high.

Mathematically, unless the Dow goes down, there ALWAYS will be a “new intraday high,” correct? So my question to CNBC is this: so what? Are they going to roll out a “new intra-week high” alert after the Friday close? Then a “new intra-month high” alert? Where will this crass “breaking news” tripe end with them?

The network’s close to losing me as a longtime and loyal viewer.”

> Earlier: FNC “bangs the gong” every seven minutes

> Update: 2:40pm: “I’ll agree with your writer,” a second e-mailer adds. “As a 13-year viewer of CNBC, this continuous “Breaking News” flashing across the screen, ALL day, EVERYDAY, is getting to be a bit over the top. When the Dow first hit a new all-time high, I said sure, let them have their fun. But now it’s getting out of control. It’s truly a big, BIG turn-off.”