CNBC Continues Push to Attract a Younger News Consumer

By A.J. Katz 

CNBC is continuing its push to deliver the younger news consumer. What’s one way to accomplish that? Digital content, of course.

CNBC’s Make It brand, which is dedicated to giving financial advice to young professionals, is partnering with the millennial-focused Bustle for a new digital series Young Money.

Hosted by comedian and TV host Akilah Hughes, Young Money (not to be confused with the rapper Lil’ Wayne) helps viewers navigate “the rough waters of awkward financial moments.”  In the series, Hughes, a host at Fusion, takes viewers inside relatable scenarios – from dealing with a roommate who tends to be a bit cheap with his or her money, to splitting the check with friends to when you should say no to DIY projects, and shows the viewer how best to handle a tough situation.

Hughes is excited about her new gig.

“Young Money is an opportunity to make talking about money less daunting,” Hughes tells TVNewser. “It seems like people are scared to talk to even their closest friends about money – and that causes situations as mundane as splitting the bill at dinner or signing a lease stressful. The series aims to educate viewers about ways to make those conversations less scary and confrontational.”

“Teaming up with Bustle to co-produce Young Money was a no-brainer,” says CNBC Make It managing editor Jenna Goudreau. “The partnership allows us to serve our audiences by offering actionable information on important personal finance topics with a fun twist.”

Bustle is a digital publisher that targets millennial women, with a portfolio that includes Romper and Elite Daily, in addition to the flagship Bustle brand.

“Bustle delivers smart, relatable financial content to millennial women and we’re thrilled to work alongside CNBC Make It to further expand into the space,” said Bustle’s vp of editorial strategy Lindsay Mannering.