CNBC Changes: Trade Mag Stories

By Brian 

> Hoffman tells Variety: “This isn’t about any potential competitor, it’s about growing CNBC. We are making these moves to create more personality to the shows and attract more viewers to these programs.”

> THR: “CNBC’s on-air look will be receiving a makeover within the next month or so. It will debut December 19 and include on-air graphics and the like, though the CNBC logo will remain the same.”

> The 4 to 6am program “will not be a rehash of yesterday’s business news, but reflect what’s happening at the moment as part of global economy and trading,” Hoffman tells Multichannel News. “This will be for people on the job in Asia and Europe and for those getting ready in the United States.”

> AP: “The changes announced Tuesday are the first major programming moves for Hoffman.”