Clinton’s Refrain: “Very Troubled By The Behavior Of That Network”

By Chris Ariens 

Barbara has asked. Some bloggers have begged. But Sen. Hillary Clinton continues to add fuel to the fire that is, what HuffPo’s Rachel Sklar dubs, “L’Affaire Shuster.”

Again today, Sen. Clinton threatened to pull out of the Feb. 26 debate in Cleveland, a debate she’s already agreed to attend, a debate that MSNBC continues to promote.

During an interview with Cleveland’s NBC affiliate, Clinton echoed what she has been saying for four days: “I’ve been very troubled by the behavior of that particular network,” she told WKYC’s Tom Beres.

Maybe it’s because she keeps getting asked, (she did, after all, do satellite interviews with 10 local stations today) that she continues to answer with the same refrain. But just what does Clinton want NBC to do? Fire Shuster? Insiders tell TVNewser that’s not going to happen. Another source tells us, the Clinton campaign doesn’t want that to happen.

Is she pitting the networks against each other? She told a reporter today, “I’ve accepted a CNN debate so there are a lot of opportunities for us to debate.”

When asked what might convince her to keep the Feb. 26 debate on her calendar, Clinton answered, without answering. “We’ll see how this plays out,” she said.