Clemente on the Menu: “Winning in This Business Means Getting the Story Right”

By SteveK 

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Today on the Menu podcast, our “Decision-Maker Week” guest was Fox News SVP of news editorial, Michael Clemente.

Clemente talked about the success of Fox News. “We usually say here and elsewhere, it always feels better to win,” he said. “Winning in this business means getting the story right, and people understand that over time. I think, they understand that our people care about what they’re saying, they’re as interested in what they’re reporting on as the viewers might be, and it all comes through. At the end of the day, when we’re done doing our jobs, and you get a report on the numbers…it’s a good feeling.”

Clemente described the “humbling” experience of coming over to Fox News in February, and said of FNC’s daytime success: “I think people trust what they’re hearing.”

He now moves into the role previously held by John Moody. “I think the project that John is on is going to be terrific for News Corp.,” says Clemente of Moody’s new position. “And maybe even for people beyond News Corp. at a certain point. Who knows what can happen tomorrow? It’s a great place. Things just happen. They want to make things happen — if you see an opportunity, go for it.”

Also discussed: the differences (and similarities) between network and cable news, some possible weekend programming changes, advice Moody gave Clemente and, why not, the American Idol finale last night.

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