Claman: “Too Many Reporters Are So Inauthentic”

By SteveK 

From today’s Morning Newsfeed:

The Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz profiles Liz Claman, documenting her rise in business news at CNBC and her move to FBN.

“At CNBC it was a game of who can be the smartest, who can throw around the most alphabet soup — CDSs, CDOs,” she says of her former employer.

She also addresses the “exclusive” fight between the competitor biz networks. “Too many reporters are so inauthentic,” Claman says. “They look so greedy. They look so obnoxious: ‘I need this to be exclusive!’ I don’t strong-arm anyone, ever.”

Claman admits it can be tough for the year-old network, which the Post revealed is now averaging 38,000 viewers during “Countdown to the Closing Bell,” to book high profile guests. “I’m not going to sit here and say it’s an easy sell,” she says. “Apple won’t talk to me. I think that’s extremely myopic.”

Click continued to see Claman’s description of how far she’s come from when she first entered the business, relating to her first big “get” upon entering FBN…

(photo by Helayne Seidman for The Washington Post)

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When Liz Claman made the jump from local television to business news a decade ago, she had never heard of Warren Buffett.

Last month, the Fox Business Network anchor aired an hour-long special with the legendary investor, who for the first time allowed cameras to record him teaching at a business school.

“I’m not a BusinessWeek reporter who knows how to perfectly distill a balance sheet,” Claman says. “But I know a good business story when I see it.”