Chuck Todd, Wide Awake, Endures Trump’s ‘Sleepy Eyes’ Swipe

By Chris Ariens 

“Of all days to lose an hour,” said Chuck Todd at the end of today’s Meet the Press, “this was a day we needed an extra hour, and then some.”

“To avoid being sleepy eyed,” joked Andrea Mitchell. “There’s that, too,” said Todd. “That’s all we have for today. Neanderthals, sleepy eyes and all,” he said.

The joke, if you haven’t heard by now, stems from Pres. Trump’s comment about Todd at his rally in Pennsylvania last night. Trump resurfaced his “sleepy eyes Chuck Todd” monicker, this time adding, “He’s a sleeping son of a bitch.”

When Todd heard that last night, he used it as a way to promote this morning’s MTP.

Some of his media colleagues came to his defense: