Chuck Todd Goes After NewsBusters Over Tweet About His Wife

By Chris Ariens 

We’re getting into the weeds a little bit on the Trump-BuzzFeed-CNN-Russia story.

But then that’s what we do.

Last evening, after he’d interviewed BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith about their decision to publish unverified claims about President-elect Donald Trump’s personal life and business dealings, Chuck Todd responded to a tweet he spotted involving his wife, Kristian Denny Todd.

NewsBusters, the politically conservative news site, replied to Denny Todd’s tweet which was a message of support for media analysts Brian Stelter and Jeff Greenfield. NewsBusters picked up on her tweet as a Trump-bashing sentiment. Denny Todd said it was a stretch to assume she was even referring to Trump.

So last night, Chuck Todd spoke out calling NewsBusters’ tweet “outrageous.”


A reminder, Trump’s inauguration is still 8 days away.