Chris Wallace Rode to Work Sunday in a Snow Plow

By Mark Joyella 

How did those TV news folk make it to work over the weekend, despite mass transit shutdowns, travel bans and snow-covered roadways? For Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace, it was all thanks to two men–the drivers of a DC snow plow who gave Wallace a lift.

“Gentlemen, I could not have made it without you,” Wallace said at the end of his program Sunday. He explained that his car got stuck in snow, it was two guys from Colonial Parking–Abdulhakim Sulymam and Gezahegne Desta–who stepped in and saved the day. “(They) drove me across town in their snow plow at five o’clock this morning,” Wallace said, thanking the men by name.

At NBC, the storm also kept some network newsers from escaping to warmer weather. Jose Diaz-Balart anchored NBC Nightly News Saturday, and then filled in on Today Sunday morning. He said “I was supposed to leave this morning, and I have to leave Tuesday if I’m lucky.”