Chris Wallace Promises ‘Some Doozies’ in Thursday’s Debate

By Mark Joyella 

Chris Wallace won’t reveal the questions he’s prepared for Thursday’s Republican presidential debate on Fox News, but in an interview published this morning in The Washington Post, he hints he’ll be throwing a few curveballs. “I’ve got some doozies in there,” he said, referring to a black three-ring binder filled with his debate materials.

Wallace describes his style as “adversarial,” and he’s absolutely prepared for whatever Donald Trump decides to do:

“Trump, you know he wants to go after people,” Wallace said. “And you can be sure there will be a moment — whether it’s in my questioning or Bret’s or Megyn’s, where somebody is going to give him a fat juicy ball right in there so he can go after Bush and see how he responds to it. It’s sort of like playing three-dimensional checkers.”