Chris Wallace: “I Have Never Been So Happy”

By SteveK 

The Hollywood Reporter’s Paul J. Gough interviews FNC anchor Chris Wallace about the Obama Watch triumph, the F&F flap and other 2008 presidential election issues.

Wallace described an Obama campaign staffer’s initial reaction to the Obama Watch clock: “His reaction was that it was obnoxious.”

But Wallace was happy with the results. “Now I say it was obnoxious and effective. More important was his defeat in Pennsylvania and his lopsided defeat among white, working class voters,” he said.

Wallace also reflected on the March’s Fox & Friends argument, saying, “We’re still friends. I think that some people were put out and I can understand their being put out. As I’ve reflected, and I have reflected on it since then, I still feel the way I did.”

Gough asks Wallace about the possibility of him joining his father at CBS as anchor of the CBS Evening News. “I don’t think they would offer it to me, but if they did, I would let you and everybody else know I had been offered it because it would be good bragging rights,” he said. “But I’d say no.”