Chris Matthews Thinks Obama Missed the Debate, So He Debates For Him: ‘Where was Obama Tonight?!’

By Chris Ariens 

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Here are a couple media takeaways from tonight’s first presidential debate:

Moderator Jim Lehrer got pummeled on social media for not being a moderator and Big Bird might get fired.

Following the debate, however, things got interesting on MSNBC. The hosts pretty much agreed with the consensus that a fired up Mitt Romney triumphed over a laid back President Obama. That was most evident when Rachel Maddow listed a few of the issues that didn’t come up during the debate — which are discussed nightly on MSNBC. “No discussion of the 47%, no discussion of union rights, no discussion of women’s rights, Bain, abortion, Romney’s jobs record in Massachusetts,” said Maddow who then brought in Chris Matthews live in Denver.

Matthews effectively said if you’re an MSNBC viewer/Obama supporter you’re going to bed unmoved. “This wasn’t an MSNBC debate,” said Matthews. Which essentially means that MSNBC debates the issues that are central to defeating Mitt Romney and sending Pres. Obama back to the White House.

“It had none of the things you mentioned,” said Matthews, now really getting fired up. “It didn’t mention all of the key fighting points of this campaign. I don’t know what he was doing out there. He had his head down. He was enduring the debate instead of fighting it.”

“I know he says he doesn’t like to watch cable television, but maybe he should start.”

“Where was Obama tonight?! There’s a hot debate going on in this county and you know where it’s going on? Here on this network. We have our knives out,” Matthews concluded.

Of course, MSNBC’s knives cut only one way. But as far as TV goes — not news in the traditional, without bias sense — that’s called strategy. And it draws ratings, which helps sell ads, which brings in revenue — without a government subsidy. And that’s something even Big Bird can appreciate.