Chris Matthews And Wife Kathleen Matthews Fill-In On MSNBC

By Alex Weprin 

On the same day that MSNBC revealed that “Hardball” host Chris Matthews would be losing one of his afternoon hours to make way for Ed Schultz, the channel had Matthews fill-in for Andrea Mitchell during the 1 PM hour.

Matthews was not alone however, his wife Kathleen Matthews joined him as co-anchor.

Kathleen is a TV news veteran, having worked for 25 years at ABC’s Washington DC affiliate WJLA. Now, she is the chief communications officer for the Marriott hotel chain. She is apparently very adept at her job, as she manged to work in a line about the vast number of Marriott hotels in the Middle East into the newscast.

While interviewing Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) about the crisis in Egypt, Matthews had this to say:

“Senator Corker, as you may know in my day job, I work for Marriott International, the hotel company. We have about 45 hotels over there in the North Africa region, four of them actually in Cairo,” Matthews said, noting that the Cairo hotels are only at 25% guest capacity. “Tourism, day to day economic life in Egypt is really taking a toll. My company sees it firsthand, I know you have seen it firsthand visiting that region.”

Update: Video of the interview is below.

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