Chris Cuomo Finally Addresses His ‘Brother’s Situation’

By A.J. Katz 

CNN Primetime host Chris Cuomo returned from vacation Monday, and ended his broadcast by commenting on his brother’s sexual harassment scandal, or as he referred to it, his “brother’s situation.”

The CNN host remarked that the resignation of his brother New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (which is scheduled to happen one week from today), has been “unlike anything” he could have “ever imagined.” Gov. Cuomo faced calls to resign after a 168-page investigative report by New York state AG Tish James was released earlier this month, detailing multiple sexual harassment accusations against him. The governor denies the charges.

Cuomo told viewers on Monday, “I did urge my brother to resign” and face the harassment allegations, but also said he tried to follow CNN’s rules.

The CNN host responded to criticism by saying, “it was a unique situation, being a brother to a politician in a scandal and being part of the media.” He told viewers that he “tried to do the right thing” throughout it all and that wanted people to “know that.”

You likely know the backstory at this point: CNN’s host put his employer in a tough spot when he admitted to participating in strategy sessions with the governor’s staff on how to handle the sexual harassment allegations. However, the host said that he was never a formal advisor to his brother. “I never covered my brother’s troubles because obviously there is a conflict … I’m not an advisor. I’m a brother.”

But Cuomo told viewers Monday that his big brother’s appearances on his primetime show were always meant to be “short-lived.” He also said he never attacked any woman who made the sexual harassment accusations against Gov. Cuomo, or called anyone in the media to lobby on his brother’s behalf.

He concluding by saying that this would be his “final word” on the subject. But will the viewers forgive him? Remains to be seen.