Chicago’s Cruel Summer: NBC News Launches Three-Part Web Series

By Brian Flood Comment

As a summer of tragedy is occurring in Chicago, launched a three-part series on the rise of gun violence in the city called Chicago’s Cruel Summer. NBC News’ Tracy Jarrett spent two weeks embedded in Chicago reporting these stories, with part one taking a glimpse at a single mother who is raising her three sons in the dangerous Roseland neighborhood.

The second installment takes a look at the challenges that Chicago funeral homes face in gang territories. Funeral director Pamela Rayner speaks about the sadness and security problems faced by families after losing a loved one to gang violence. Part three, to come later this week, will look at Diane Latiker and her organization Kids off the Block. Latiker is making a difference when it comes to guns and gangs in her community – we’ll find out how.

 Part 1

Part 2