Charlie Rose Returns Monday

By Chris Ariens 

A little more than a month after undergoing heart valve replacement surgery, CBS This Morning co-anchor Charlie Rose returns to the show Monday.

“I can’t wait to see my friends at CTM who have been so gracious in sitting in for me and making up for the fact that I was not there, especially Gayle and Norah, and a special thanks to Anthony Mason who not only has done such a remarkable job filling in for me but also on my PBS show,” said Rose.

Rose had surgery Feb. 9 to replace a 15-year-old aorta valve. “No one loves life more than I do,” he said at the time.

In his statement today, Rose writs, “For you – all of you – when I said that I was going in for the surgery I said to each of you, ‘stay close’ – and boy have you stayed close. The messages, the heartwarming well wishing, the sense of recover soon has all been memorable to me.”