Charlie Gasparino’s Media Diet

By Chris Ariens 

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What does Charlie Gasparino read and watch? Well, pretty much what you’d expect. Fox Business Network’s senior correspondent tells The Atlantic Wire he reads corporate cousins The Wall Street Journal (“I’ve been doing that since college”) and the New York Post (“They write concisely, I can get through it fast.”) On TV, it’s Imus in the morning and O’Reilly at night. He Tweets, he even Tweeted about this Atlantic Wire story, but adds, “I think people spend a little too much time on Twitter.” And something he learned at CNBC when he was transitioning from being a print guy:

What I try to do for stories is not just do them on TV but also write them up into straight news stories because it compounds the impact. The confluence of media is much more powerful. I learned that at CNBC.

My philosophy has been that the best big, long-term stories are the ones you develop by breaking news in between. In 2004, I left The Journal and went to Newsweek magazine, a place where they were saying I could sit back and write weekly and didn’t have to kill myself. The first year was great but then the magazine began shrinking and was clearly imploding. That forced me to be creative, to do more TV and look at the web as a way of writing daily. And that’s the business model now: Triangulate the medium with your story.