Charlie Gasparino Tweets About ‘Crushing the S–theads’ at CNBC

By Mark Joyella 

Fox Business anchor Charlie Gasparino¬†left CNBC five years ago, and he says he “never looked back.” Well, he may not be looking, but he sure is talking.

In a series of tweets Monday, Gasparino bragged about “crushing the s–theads at CNBC” and described his exit in colorful terms: “I left that s–t hole in NJ five years ago ON MY OWN and never looked back.”

And there was more:

It’s hardly the first time Gasparino has used Twitter to pound the folks in Fort Lee. Last November, Fox Business released a promotional image of Gasparino swinging¬†a sledgehammer. The ad led to a colorful exchange on Twitter between Gasparino and CNBC contributor Ron Insana, including the following suggestion to Insana: “GFY fat boy.”