Cenk Uygur: ‘I am out at MSNBC. Now, whose decision was this?’

By Chris Ariens 

As we first reported over the weekend, Cenk Uygur is no longer hosting the 6pm show on MSNBC, in fact he’s done with MSNBC. Late yesterday, from his Young Turks studio, Uygur announced, “I am OUT at MSNBC.”

In an 12-minute explanation Uygur pulls back the curtain into the world of cable news: too many hand gestures, two different audiences, and the “force storms” he tried to get beyond.

MSNBC was prepared to offer Uygur a different role. “They offered a lot of money for that different role,” claims Uygur.

“Cenk’s claims are completely baseless,” an MSNBC spokesperson tells us. “In fact, we were working on a new contract, to develop him into an even bigger television talent. We did have numerous conversations with Cenk about his style, not substance.” It was a weekend show, and contributor role, we hear.

Back in January at the NATPE conference, Uygur told TVNewser how he was thrust onto the MSNBC schedule in the wake of Keith Olbermann‘s departure. “Of course, I’m going to play by whatever rules are in that medium,” Uygur told us then. “If some of them concern me, I’ll take it up with whoever I should take it up with.”

“It’s unfortunate that he’s decided to depart in such a negative fashion,” the MSNBC spokesperson adds.

Al Sharpton, who has been hosting for the last three weeks, will continue at 6pm as a more formal deal is worked out.

Uygur also took questions about his departure. That video after the jump…