CBS’s Mo Rocca Delivers Reading at Madison Square Garden Mass

By Chris Ariens 

On Labor Day we brought you a story about the many media hats worn by Mo Rocca: reporter for CBS Sunday Morning, creator and host of Cooking Channel’s My Grandmother’s Ravioli, a panelist for NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, host of CBS’s Saturday morning show Innovation Nation, and he has a recurring role on CBS’s The Good Wife.

Tonight, he outdid himself.

Rocca was chosen to be a reader at the Papal Mass at Madison Square Garden. He read from the Book of Isaiah, in Spanish. His mother is Colombian, and very proud.

Rocca’s appearance was a hit on social media.

Tonight on CNN’s AC360, during a discussion about Pope Francis’s inclusiveness, Anderson Cooper talked about the meaning behind Rocca’s participation at the Mass. “I saw Mo Rocca on the stage in Madison Square Garden. Mo Rocca is a friend of mine. He’s openly gay, and yet he was included in this incredible event in the most public of ways.”

Here is part of the reading Rocca delivered:

The people who walk in darkness
Will see a great light;
Those who live in a dark land,
The light will shine on them.