CBS This Morning Presses GOP Leader About Trump Attacks on Megyn Kelly

By Chris Ariens 

Norah O’Donnell pressed GOP chairman Reince Priebus on CBS This Morning, specifically over Donald Trump‘s attacks on FNC anchor Megyn Kelly: “Nine times the past six days he has tweeted specifically about Megyn Kelly and seven times calling her ‘crazy,'” O’Donnell said. “Would you agree that such personal attacks are deplorable?”

When O’Donnell didn’t get an answer, she asked it another way: “Mr. Chairman, we press Democrats and Republicans to answer the same way on this show. Let me ask you, because I think this is serious: Calling another female journalist ‘crazy’ and ‘sick’ and ‘overrated.’ Is that presidential and is that what the republican party stands for?” WATCH:

And while Trump continued his attacks on Kelly, he sent laudatory tweets over the weekend about other Fox Newsers Andrea Tantaros and Jesse Watters: