CBS Says Prof. McLaughlin’s Comments Are “Absurd, Inaccurate, & Uninformed”

By Brian 

Gail Shister asks: “Can a friend of Bill’s cover Hillary?”

I think the best part comes later in the story:

  “The place is filled with other problems, all of them named Katie,” says ex-CBS correspondent Bill McLaughlin, a communications professor at Quinnipiac University.

Evening News, mired in third place, has been roundly criticized for being too soft since Couric debuted in September. Kaplan will add more hard news, which means less face time for Couric.

“There will be more testosterone,” says McLaughlin. “They’ll stop futzing around with these light, cheery, frilly pieces she pushed through. The American public wants a hard-news show.”

CBS News spokeswoman Sandy Genelius fires back, “Those absurd, inaccurate and uninformed quotes are coming from someone who apparently hasn’t watched the broadcast in quite some time and who hasn’t worked in network news in decades.”

The best quote in the story comes from current CBS correspondent Anthony Mason: “This broadcast has had three anchors and three executive producers in two years. Everybody wants this to work.” Here’s the whole story…