CBS “Public Eye” Editor Will “Be Like The Moderator On ‘Crossfire'”

By Brian 

In an interview with CJR Daily, CBS Digital Media president Larry Kramer explains what Vaughn Ververs will do as editor of the “Public Eye” blog:

“We’re asking him to go out and find out what the public is saying about our coverage, and what others are saying,” Kramer explained. It sounds like Ververs will highlight questions like “Why is the press covering the Runaway Bride so much?,” then search for an answer inside CBS News.

“He’ll be like the moderator on ‘Crossfire,'” Kramer said. “He won’t be a columnist who’s asked his own opinion. His job isn’t to give us his opinion. His job is to get the intelligent discussion on the outside world exposed to CBS, and have CBS react to it, and let people on the outside throw out their criticism of what we’re doing. So he’s meant to moderate that discussion.” (Via Lost Remote)