CBS News Names 2016 Campaign Digital Journalists

By Mark Joyella 

CBS News has named seven “campaign digital journalists” who will cover the upcoming 2016 presidential campaign. Washington bureau chief Chris Isham named the reporters in an email to CBS News staff this morning. According to the email, obtained by TVNewser, the “young reporters” will “act as our eyes and ears at the rallies, town meetings, fundraisers and state fairs of the campaign trail.”

Isham’s email in full:

After a rigorous two-month process conducted by Steve Chaggaris and Jim McGlinchy that introduced us to many immensely qualified and talented young journalists, we are proud to announce the names of the seven Campaign Digital Journalists who will cover the 2016 presidential race for CBS News.

These young reporters will become part of this news division’s long and distinguished history of covering presidential campaigns. For decades, CBS News has relied on journalists like these seven to immerse themselves in the candidacies of those hoping to win the White House and share their experiences with the world. They will act as our eyes and ears at the rallies, town meetings, fundraisers and state fairs of the campaign trail while gathering essential insight into the life of the next president of the United States.

This group of passionate and excited young digital journalists brings a wide range of experiences and skills to this constantly evolving assignment. Advances in newsgathering and social media that seemed unimaginable even in 2012 will allow these reporters to become major contributors to all of CBS News’ platforms over the course of the campaign.

Huge thanks to Steve and Jim and all of you who participated in the application process; it was extremely difficult to narrow it down from 40 to seven, given the large number of extraordinary submissions.

ABC News announced Monday it had just begun the process of selecting its team of campaign digital journos.

CBS News’ 2016 Campaign Digital Journalists:

Jacqueline Alemany (Washington Bureau)
Kylie Atwood (Washington Bureau)
Erica Brown (CBS News Radio)
Sopan Deb (CBSN)
Hannah Fraser-Chanpong (DJ Unit, New York)
Sean Gallitz (CBS This Morning)
Alan He (CBS This Morning)