CBS Evening News Moves in with CBS This Morning

By Chris Ariens 

Since the election, the CBS Evening News has been broadcasting from studio 57 at the CBS Broadcast Center, which is home to CBS This Morning. But that temporary move is now permanent, as Scott Pelley explained on the show last night:

Meanwhile, Page Six reports Pelley’s time at the Evening News may be coming to an end as he returns fulltime to 60 Minutes.

Despite rumors that Norah O’Donnell could be a favored candidate to take over for Pelley and become the sole female anchor of a major evening news program, we’re told, “She’s staying at ‘CBS This Morning’ [with Charlie Rose and Gayle King]. The ratings are strong, and they’re a great team.” It is not known what other names are in the frame to take over, but a network insider tells us, “Pelley’s style is of slow storytelling, which doesn’t fit so well with the fast-paced evening news, but works well for ‘60 Minutes.'” A CBS rep said, “There’s no truth to this.”