CBS Convenes Focus Groups To Test Appeal Of Couric & The Evening News

By Brian 

Jacques Steinberg has a Couric-shakes-up-evening-news-landscape story in today’s New York Times. “To reintroduce Katie Couric to the country as a serious yet still accessible evening news anchor on Sept. 5, CBS has embarked on an image campaign worthy of a presidential candidate,” he begins.

Steinberg says CBS “has been convening focus groups at its research center in Las Vegas and other places to ask viewers such questions as how she will fare in a matchup against” Brian Williams and Charles Gibson. “The network would not say whether the ‘CBS Evening News,’ mired at No. 3 in the ratings for more than a decade, was able to raise its standing in that most recent internal polling. Regardless, it has used those responses from viewers, including the attributes they seek in an anchor, to help shape Ms. Couric’s broadcast.”

Here’s the full story…

Above right: CBS research center in Las Vegas