Cavuto’s Multi-Billion Dollar Guests

By Chris Ariens 

Following up on our earlier item about CNBC’s exclusives, here is T. Boone Pickens on FBN with Neil Cavuto. And Cavuto wasn’t shy about bringing up CNBC’s branding:

So Boone, you’re not exclusive to CNBC? I thought you were JUST on CNBC but you’re not, you’re here. That’s great!

Cavuto did the same when another billionaire (hey, isn’t that more Wall St. than Main St.?) Wilbur Ross came on.

This is good because I heard, exclusively, that you were on another network. You were on CNBC and they said you were exclusive to them.

>More: an emailer writes, “And so much for ‘exclusive’ anyway. Wilbur Ross was on ‘In Focus’ on Bloomberg TV a few weeks ago, minutes after his $480M American Home Mortgage deal broke.”