Cat Call From Fox News PR

By Chris Ariens 

Insiders at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles sent us this image. It’s a button with kittens and hearts and the phrase “Hugs and kittens from Fox News Media Relations.”

We’re told the buttons have been spread around the ballroom where Fox News Channel is holding its Q&A in front of the TV critics which began at 5pmET. The button is Fox’s way of saying, “We’re not as bad as David Carr makes us out to be.” But do you know what happens when kittens grow up? They scratch… hard sometimes. And it hurts.

Anyway, when we contacted the aforementioned PR types, they confirmed that the buttons did indeed come from them.

By the way, FNC political analysts Karl Rove and Howard Wolfson are among those on the Fox News panel. More coverage from our trade industry friends as they file their stories.

> Related: TVBarn’s Aaron Barnhart catches up with Chris Wallace at the TCA. Wallace: “I think people are taking a second look at Fox, especially given how extraordinarily biased the coverage has been at our main competitors … especially MSNBC.”

> More from an insider at the TCA: “The buttons apparently worked, because Carr’s article didn’t come up during the conversation, though the fact that many of the publicists in question were in the room may have had something to do with that.”