Carter Predicts “Charlie Has An Edge” For WNT Chair, But Thinks Diane Wants It Too

By Brian 

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On Sunday’s “Chris Matthews Show,” the NYT’s Bill Carter was asked about the situation at ABC News:

 MATTHEWS: What about ABC? They had the tragedy of Bob Woodruff. What’s going to happen now?

CARTER: I think…

MATTHEWS: Is it Charlie or is it Diane?

CARTER: I think they can’t decide.

MATTHEWS: Who are you betting on? Charlie or Diane?

CARTER: I–I think Charlie has an edge, but Diane, I think, wants it and is pushing, and I think it’s still a little unsettled. It will be settled earlier in the week.

MATTHEWS: Two to three to Charlie, you’re betting here. Two to three, something like that?

CARTER: Maybe.

Later, Carter added, “Charlie with Elizabeth, initially.” Carter said “it will be settled earlier in the week,” apparently referring to this week…