Carol Lin & Jon Klein Seem To Disagree…

By Brian 

On August 7, “the possibility arose that CNN would have to decide whether to break the story” of Peter Jennings’ passing or let ABC announce it first.

“Even if we were able to get confirmation, we’d decided to wait,” Carol Lin tells Jon Friedman. “I guess it was something you wouldn’t expect to see in the era of blogs. Everyone has a different set of circumstances.”

Some CNN journalists felt frustrated by CNN’s “caution” on Sunday evening, Lin said. But in a separate interview, CNN/U.S. president Jon Klein told Friedman: “I don’t know about that. I somehow doubt that. We’re a news organization. If we get the news first, I can’t imagine any circumstance that we would deprive our viewers” of the news.

> Update: 9:40am: “Jon Klein taking a victory lap on the death of a legendary anchor — and jabbing one of his own anchors in the process — another proud day in the executive ranks at CNN,” a network insider said…