Candy Crowley: “No Burning Desire” to Do Opinion Journalism

By Alissa Krinsky 

More than one month after succeeding John King as anchor of CNN’s State of the Union, Candy Crowley talks with New York magazine. Excerpts:

• On minor changes to the show since beginning her tenure: “For instance…last week we got a smaller table. And it made for a more intimate discussion, which I liked. I have topics that I’ve written out that I think would be nice to cover, but I don’t have specific questions, because I like to listen to the answers and just see where it’s going.”

• On whether she’d ever feel comfortable expressing her opinions on-air: “Not really. But I will also tell you, I have no burning desire to do it. No journalist is a blank slate. We’re all products of how we grew up, all that kind of stuff. I can honestly tell you that the more I cover policy, the grayer I’ve become in what I believe.”

• Writer Chris Rovzar asks Crowley about CNN’s approach to news, “especially in the context of the massive success of a network like Fox News”.

Crowley: “People need to have a place that they trust. Honestly, in a lot of ways, I think the internet [has heightened that], despite the fact that it so diffused information and made it so that people can easily get the information that they’d prefer to believe. But I think that to many people, because there’s so much out there, they’re dying to know where they could go to trust what they’re getting.”

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