Candace Cameron Bure Leaving The View

By Chris Ariens 

Candace Cameron Bure just announced she’s leaving The View, which is overseen by ABC News.

She just returned to the show this morning after filming season two of Netflix’s Fuller House.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” said Cameron Bure, adding, “When I started The View, I had already had my commitments to Fuller House and my work with the Hallmark Channel and because of the success of those, and the commute of going west coast to east coast every single week for me has been tough on me and hard for my family as well.”

“Whoopi, Joy, I particularly want to thank you for welcoming me to this table. And I have learned so much from you and I’m so grateful for you. It’s been really wonderful and I’m grateful to Barbara Fedida as well, and Candi Carter. And Brian Teta I’ll miss you most of all.”

Cameron Bure joined at the start of season 19 last fall.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Candace, a devoted mother, talented actress, and passionate co-host who never hesitated to speak her mind,” added ep Candi Carter. “She will always be a part of The View family and we will gladly welcome her back to the show to support her with all of her endeavors.”

The View, now in season 20, toasted its November sweeps win earlier this week.